3 Reasons Why Comfort Should Be At The Top Of Your Priority List When Choosing A Spa

Thinking about purchasing a spa? Want to know why we consider comfort to be a top priority? This article covers three reasons why you should place comfort at the top of your list when purchasing a spa.
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There’s no denying it – searching for a new spa to fit your home with is great fun. During this time you’re filled with plenty of excitement and mixed emotions because hey, who doesn’t love to buy expensive new things.

We’re aware that during this time, your purchasing decision can be easily influenced by a number of factors. Things like, cheap pricing, large discounts, or how many features the spa is loaded with. The fact is, none of those things really matter if your spa isn’t truly comfortable.

That’s why we believe comfort should be at the top priority list for when you’re making the decision to purchase a spa.
So if you’re in the market and actively looking at spa models, here are 3 reasons why we believe comfort should be at the top of your checklist when choosing a spa.

Reason 1 –  Comfortable Spas Put Less Stress On Your Joints And Muscles Allowing You To Relax & Rejuvenate

First and foremost, the last thing you want to be doing after a long, tiring day’s work, is hopping into a spa that truly isn’t comfortable. Your spa is supposed to be a place where you can unwind and melt the day’s stresses away.

Though comfort is often subjective, there are some spas on the market today that don’t offer the level of comfort you need to feel rejuvenated. In fact, their poor seating design is hard to tolerate for long periods of time, making you want to get out of the spa, rather than stay in it.

The secret to a comfortable spa starts with the seats. After all, it’s the place where you’ll be spending most of your time. Spa seats should be ergonomically designed to fit your natural body’s curves, and take pressure off your joints and muscles. It should cradle you, hold you tight, yet also allow for some room to move. Pair an ergonomically designed seat with soothing warm water and high powered jets, and you’ve got yourself a spa that provides you with all the comfort, relaxation and rejuvenation you need.

Before purchasing your spa, I would recommend testing the seats out yourself. Ask the salesperson about the seats and their design. If the seat is uncomfortable to sit in when it’s dry, chances are it will not be any more comfortable when it is wet.

Reason 2 – Comfort Allows Users to Take Full Advantage of the Spas Hydrotherapy Benefits

There are many benefits to owning a spa, they’re fun, a talking point amongst friends, and a place to spend quality time with friends and family, but what truly draws people in are the various health benefits spas offer.

It is through the wonderful process of ‘Hydrotherapy’ that a spa is able to help you improve your sleep, relieve chronic muscle and joint pain, and even improve blood circulation.

To unlock a spa’s true hydrotherapy potential, users need to spend at least 45 mins – 1 hour for hydrotherapy to be fully effective. Therefore, your spa needs to be comfortable enough for you to spend the adequate time needed, or longer, to reap the healing power associated with hydrotherapy.

Along with comfort, a quality spa should provide all the necessary features  such as a temperature control system, and high pressure jets configured to target all areas of your body, to produce an environment where hydrotherapy is achieved.

Reason 3 – Comfort Contributes to the Overall Spa Experience

Like with any experience in life, the more comfortable you are the better your overall experience will be. Same goes with your spa.

The more comfortable you are with your spa, the more at ease your body and mind become, and you’ll feel better every time you go to use it.

However, it’s not only the comfort levels within the spa that contribute to the overall experience, it’s also got to do with the type of environment that surrounds your spa.

Creating a tranquil environment can easily enhance your spa experience, whilst you’re taking a soothing dip.

So, if you are looking for a spa experience that is truly relaxing and rejuvenating, be sure to choose a spa that places comfort at the top of its priority list.

 We’re Proud To Say Our Spas Are The Comfiest On The Market

Ever since we opened our first store in 1993, our director Steve Dempsey has been on a mission to create the ‘Comfiest Spas On The Market’.

Unlike most other resellers, Steve has been heavily and personally involved in the moulding process, continuously evolving the quality of comfort that each spa provides.

Additionally, Steve also took to re-engineering the seating position, making his seats completely ergonomic and comfortable for all body types.

With over 25 years of quality refinement, we’re confident that no matter which spa you choose from our extensive range, you can be sure that your home will have one of the best and comfiest spas on the market.

 In Summary

We hope this article has somewhat convinced you that above all, comfort should be placed at the top of your priority list when choosing a spa.

If you fancy any of the spa models in our range, we personally  invite you to visit our Brookvale showroom so you can see just how comfortable our spas really are.

After reading this, you should feel confident enough and excited to start shopping for a spa that is going to provide you with all the right levels of comfort.

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