Tim Creates A Resort Style Backyard By Fitting An Oasis Whitehaven Spa Into His Beautiful Merbau Decking With Lighting And Waterfall Features

Tim contacted Splashes with the idea of transforming his backyard into a resort style oasis. He wanted to create a space where he could entertain guests and relax after a long day’s work. To better understand the complexities of this project, Steve (director of Splashes) met with Tim and his landscaper, to discuss their unique requirements and goals.

Tim originally wanted a plunge pool to be fitted into the deck of the property, but after a long discussion, it was uncovered that there would be some difficulty installing a plunge pool of this size due to the limited access Tim’s property had.

So Tim wouldn’t need to compromise too much on the size of his spa, Steve suggested that instead of installing a plunge pool, an Oasis Whitehaven Spa would be the perfect fit for the space, and would also offer Tim a lot more functionality especially during the colder months.

The Oasis Whitehaven spa would allow Tim to accommodate for up to six people, and it’s built in LED lighting, waterfall, and sound system features, would make it perfect for when Tim wanted to entertain guests.

After some deliberation, Tim decided to go ahead with the purchase of the spa and Splashes began work on the project.

The next challenge Steve and his team faced, was achieving a seamless installation of the Whitehaven Spa into the merbau decking. Like with any spa installation, sufficient access to the pump, and other electrical components is essential for general maintenance and repair. The other challenge that was faced was being able to run power seamlessly to the spa, which was situated 100m away from the main switchboard.

After some careful planning with the landscaper and carpenters, we were able to overcome both challenges. We implemented two hatches into the lower half of the deck which would allow the electronics and pump to be stored safely, and easily accessed if needed. And we ran power to the spa through a discreet underground conduit, so that it would be hidden from view.

After the deck was completed to size and power was run to the spa, we then scheduled a date for installing the spa. On the day of installation, our team arrived on time at Tim’s place, and even with the limited access to site, the installation process remained smooth. We placed the spa into position, making sure all sides sat flush with decking, giving Tim’s spa and backyard a clean and seamless finish.

Once the spa was installed, we then gave Tim a full rundown on how to use and operate his spa, as well as answered any questions he had. For ongoing maintenance, we gave Tim access to our comprehensive maintenance guide, along with a series of “How To” tutorial videos.

The end result, a stunning backyard transformation which perfectly met Tims goals for the space. The Oasis Whitehaven Spa sits perfectly flush within the deck, with easy access hatches for servicing. The LED lighting and waterfall feature create a beautiful ambience in the evenings, making it the perfect spot to entertain guests or relax after a long day.

Tim loved his spa so much, he visited Splashes again to have his Spa upgraded with Wifi capability which would allow him to operate his spa from a mobile device, and an energy efficient pump to reduce running costs.

Tim also has plans in the future to upgrade his spa with an advanced water management, which would reduce his running costs even further.

Here are some snapshots of Tims resort style backyard oasis, featuring his beautiful decking and brand new Oasis Whitehaven Spa.

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