Chemical Guide

Swim spas
Proper care of your spa is to ensure that the water is kept clean and clear, this can be a very easy task if you stay ahead of any problems. When you first receive your spa we will provide you with your start-up chemicals and will show you how to use them. 
You will also be given a thorough instruction sheet at this time. You need some type of sanitiser in the water before you get into the spa to protect you from bacteria. We use Spa Sanitiser Plus and use it as a freshwater system. This means that you need to sanitise the water after use, allowing for it to then burn off any bacteria brought into the spa. 

When there is a heavy bather load, extra chlorine (Spa Sanitiser Plus) will need to be added after use. If this is not done, the bacteria will feed off these body wastes. This will result in dull cloudy water, offensive odours and possible Pseudomonas or “Spa Rash”.

1000L Chemical Guide

6000L Chemical Guide