Dispelling myths about Chinese made spas

Oasis spa manufacturing

Steve Dempsey has been designing building importing and retailing spas since 1993.

Whilst this article is written to be informative it is only an objective view of Steve Dempsey owner of Splashes Spa World.


Dispelling myths about Chinese made spas

Being at the coal face in retail I’m often asked the question  by my customers of where are your spas made?

I’m quite proud to say we have our spas manufactured in one of the world’s largest spa production facilities in China and have been for over 15 years.


Most Spa Manufactures use the same Components

Most of the reputable manufactures worldwide including Jacuzzi, Hot Springs and Sundance from the USA and our own Just spas and Sapphire from Australia and the Spaworld Vortex spas and Oasis range from China all use similar components and manufacturing practices.

Of course there are some cheaper online companies that tend to use lower quality raw materials but they usually stick around for a few years before disappearing.


Our journey to China started when we noticed the Australian manufacturer’s slowly disappearing, not uncommon with Australian manufactures, does Holden ring a bell?

Once we decided to go to China it was then finding a manufacturer that would be willing to build spas to our specifications.

Crystal Island was the choice and whilst any new project has it’s challenges we persevered and developed the Oasis spa range, now sold in over 35 countries worldwide.


Proudly Australian Owned

So when I’m asked about where are your spas built I generally ask the customer to turn over their iphone and read out the place of manufacture…China is the answer.

In summary whilst I’d love to be able to support the Australian manufacturing industry they do not produce enough spas to supply the growing customer demands.

We were forced offshore.

Rest assured we are proudly an Australian owned company and have been supporting the local economy since 1993.

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