10 Life-Changing Health & Well Being Benefits of Owning a Spa

10 Life-Changing Health & Well Being Benefits Of Owning A Spa

More than just a place to warm up in the winter, spas are also great for your health and a sanctuary for those who dreamt of living a healthy life. Spas harness the power of hydrotherapy and deliver the wellness benefits of water, which have been proven to be effective in healing the body and mind naturally for centuries.

Let’s dive into 10 life-changing health & well-being benefits that spas offer.

1. Relieve Chronic Pain And Muscle Tension

Tight and rigid muscles can often be caused by a variety of reasons – overuse, poor posture, long work hours, exercise, or simply aging. Spas help to alleviate muscle aches and pains, thanks to hydrotherapy. The heat, buoyancy, and massage provided by a spa, heal your muscles from general soreness and improves overall mobility. Soaking in a spa 2-3 times per week is proven to be great for muscle recovery, especially for those who play sports.

2. Improve Blood Circulation

Spas are a fantastic way to increase blood circulation to your muscles. When the body is exposed to high temperatures, higher than those of our internal temperatures, it’s natural for our blood vessels to open. Wider blood vessels improve the flow of nutrient-rich blood throughout the body, allowing the body to heal at a quicker rate, leaving you rejuvenated every time you get in.

3. Melt Stress Away And Promote Relaxation

Stress itself could not kill you, but long-term exposure to stress can be dangerous and potentially fatal to your health. A regular soothing and relaxing soak in your spa can help offset the negative impact of stress on the human body. The combination of warm water, calming massage, and a tranquil space can help reduce daily stresses, leading to a more relaxed life.

4. Longer Sleeps

If you suffer from insomnia or struggle to sleep throughout the night, relaxing in a spa is a great way to improve the quality of your sleep. A key part of getting a good night’s rest is being at a comfortable temperature. Studies have shown that a long soak in a spa regulates your body temperature, helping you drift into a longer, deeper, and more restful sleep.

5. Improve Flexibility & Mobility

Chronic pains and stiff muscles are usually a result of poor flexibility. The warm water in a spa increases your muscle temperature, making them safe for stretching to occur. The natural buoyancy of the water allows you to safely stretch your tight muscles, lengthening your tissues for a greater range of motion. When done regularly, motion is improved, making it easier to complete daily tasks, relieving stress, and helping to prevent injury.

6. Reduce Inflamed And Swollen Muscles

The heat from the spa dilates blood vessels to lower blood pressure and promote blood flow. Lower blood pressure makes us feel relaxed, while the increased blood flow eases muscle spasms and reduces swelling and inflammation.

Also, the buoyancy that you feel while immersed in water is, in itself, very therapeutic. This release from your body weight unburdens the joints and muscles, allowing them to relax more and heal.

7. Boosts Your Immune System To Fight Off Deadly Diseases

As previously stated, warm or hot water increases circulation, allowing the lymph system to work more efficiently, which in return, strengthens the immune system.

The combination of heat and pressure helps increase white blood cells and antibodies that promote healing in ailing body parts. These cells also help fight off germs, sicknesses, and diseases.

8. Detoxify The Body Of Harmful Bacteria

The heat from a spa causes the body to sweat, where harmful toxins are expelled from the body. Formally known as sweat therapy, the sweat cleans and cleans blocked pores, killing a variety of potentially harmful bacteria. Unclogged and clean pores promote tight & healthy skin, whilst also boosting your body’s overall immune system.

9. Feel & Look Younger With Improved Skin

The circulation boost we get from soaking or swimming in a spa can help improve the health of our skin by increasing the blood flow to invigorate and renourish skin cells.

The oxygen and the blood flow also remove the waste from the skin. As you swim, the water gently exfoliates your skin. And what people fail to see is that the water in a spa is lifting away dead skin cells and exfoliating the dry patches.

10. Relieves Congestion

Steam inhalation is one of the most beneficial remedies when it comes to reducing blockages and freeing up nasal passages. Whilst spas sicknesses like cold and flu, they most certainly provide initial relief from congestion symptoms, making you feel a lot better whilst your body fights off the sickness.

Time To Invest In Your Health?

Even though spas have long been considered a luxurious addition to the family home, the health and well-being benefits they provide, make them a must-have investment in your future.

At Splashes, our award-winning spas are designed to promote all of the hydrotherapy and health benefits described above, along with our personal touch of quality and comfort.

If you’re wanting to learn more about the health benefits our spas can offer, get in touch with us by either sending us a message here or visiting one of our showrooms.

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