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Hawaiian Hydro 1 only used with shell blemish SOLD
Splashes Spa World
3.5m X 2.3m X 970mm
700kg/ 3400kg
Up to 98
Choosing the right and proper swim spa is of paramount importance if you want to relax your body and renew your mind and spirit, any time of the day and any day of the week. An outdoor swim spa is most recommended for personal and family use.
The Splashes Whitehaven Quality
Standard Colours
Pearl Shadow - Splashes World Spa

Midnight Opal

Sterling Marble

Sterling Marble

Paradise - Splashes World Spa

Oceanwave Opal



Cabinet Colours

Slate Gray Cabinet and Cover Colour | Splashes Spa World

Slate Grey

Cab Mocha - Splashes World Spa


Cover Colours

Mocha Paradise


Slate Gray Cabinet and Cover Colour | Splashes Spa World

Slate Grey

Hydrotherapy With Whitehaven
4.4m Swim Spa

Not really a swim spa but a large entertainment and fun spa. The Whitehaven features our 2 pump “kiddie swim” for training the children to swim. The Whitehaven gives maximum space and hydrotherapy benefits. It is a very popular way of enjoying the benefits.

The Benefits of Hydrotherapy with the Whitehaven
Technologies & Inclusions


Platinum Upgrade

Extra Pump Upgrade

By adding another Jet pump you benefit from the maximum therapy experience by adding jets around the body and under the legs.

Standard Inclusion

Dual Filtering System

By using 2 pumps to filter with a no by-pass system. Ensuring your spa water stays clean

TUSCANY- Platinum Upgrade

Spanet Control System

The SpaNet control system with all the functionality and timers to keep your spa hot at all times

Platinum Upgrade

Jet Pumps standard

High performance jet pumps that deliver maximum flow through your jets

4.4M SWIM SPA- Standard Inclusions

Silent Water Management Pump

Energy efficient silent running pumps that maintain and heat your spa in the most economical way

4.4M SWIM SPA- Standard Inclusions

Thermawood Low maintenance cabinets

Low maintenance thermawood cabinet. No staining or sanding

FUN FOR 4- Spring Spa-a-thon Upgrade

Oasis standard High density insulation

6 layer insulation from 30mm of closed cell foam on shell to air gap foil insulation on cabinet ensure our standard spas are economiacal in all conditions

4.4M SWIM SPA- Standard Inclusions

Tough Built Frames

All our structural frames come with a 10 year warranty for peace of mind

Platinum Upgrade

Oasis ‘No Gap’ cabinet

A lot of heat can escape around top of the spa increasing your running costs. All our cabinets are custom built with no gaps

4.4M SWIM SPA- Standard Inclusions

Oasis Tough bond shell

Our shells are one of the toughest on the market with 6 layers of strength and insulation. Up to 15 structural warranty

Platinum Upgrade

Oasis Easy Care Bearingless Jets

Up market stainless jets with no ball bearings, self cleaning and screw out fittings for ease of use. Full 5 year replacement warranty

4.4M SWIM SPA- Standard Inclusions

Lockable Hard cover

Heavy duty lockable cover to Australian standards come with on all our spas

Standard Inclusion

Sealed ABS plastic base Vermin proof and insulated

Vermin proof and insulated ABS floor on all our standard spas

Platinum Upgrade

LED Water level lighting

Enhance your spa experience with soothing LED lighting package with 12 colour choices and party modes

Platinum Upgrade

Ozone Water management

Help with the ongoing maintenance of your spa by adding an Ozone water management system. A proven system to remove impurities.

Platinum Upgrade

Chemical Kit

Your spa will be easier to use with the correct chemicals including our renowned natural Ezyme “Spa Magic” direct from the states

PARADISE- Free Spring Spa-a-thon Upgrade

Backlit Waterfalls

Soothing sound of FX waterfalls colour matched to your LED lighting Package


Extra Leds lighting package 30 colours

Extra LED lights added around the spa perimeter and under control dials with up to 30 colours.

Splashes Spa World

Upgraded control system

Upgrade to the latest control system with variable heater and wi fi compatibility.

PARADISE- Free Spring Spa-a-thon Upgrade

Fibreglass base. Galvanised frame. Vermin proof Structural and insulated

Add structural integrity to your spa with a solid fibreglass wrap around base

Standard Inclusion

Cover Pro Heavy Duty

The cover Pro is a re-enforced cover that can be walked on and helps prevent the cover taking in water as it gets older

FUN FOR 4- Spring Spa-a-thon Upgrade

Extra insulation

Our platinum insulation package with save money in the long term. The extra insulation can save up to 28% on running costs over most spas.

Splashes Spa World

Oasis Platinum Premium bearing less jets

Get the latest look with bearing less smooth faced jets that add that modern feel to your spa

5.5M SWIM SPA EXTRA DEEP- Options Details

Colour touchscreen

Available with platinum pack For those who love their iphone or tablet we have the resistive (see in the sun) touchpad available on platinum series spas

5.5M SWIM SPA EXTRA DEEP- Options Details

Wifi modem with app

Available with platinum pack If you like to manage your spa from afar we have the wi fi modem for platinum series spas

FUN FOR 4- Options Details


If you want the clearest easy to manage water purification then you should add the Ultrazone. Producing ” Hydroxy Radicals”. The latest in water management systems. Available on all spas.


Heat Pump 8.8kw

Available for those colder climes where energy costs are important. Heat pumps can reduce heating costs by up to 75%. Talk to a sales consultant to see if this suits your area


Transponder Stero with sub woofer

5.5M SWIM SPA EXTRA DEEP- Options Details

Roller Cover

Upgrade to our new lightweight roller swim spa covers. Easy to handle, fully lockable and childproof. ezswimspacovers.com.au


Anti Microbial Filters

The latest in the fight against spa bacteria. Anti bacterial filters

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    2. Select Cabinet Colour

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    Free Summer Spa-tacular Upgrade

    • LED Water level lighting
    • Ozone Water management
    • Chemical Kit

    Platinum Upgrade Included


    • Backlit Waterfalls
    • Extra Leds lighting package 30 colours
    • Upgraded control system
    • Fibreglass base. Vermin proof Structural and insulated
    • Cover Pro Heavy Duty
    • Extra insulation
    • Oasis Platinum Premium bearing less jets

    Extra Pump Upgrade

    • 1190 $
      Includes 2 swim jets (Extra Pump Value $1500)

    Add Options

    • 295 $
    • 495 $
    • 895 $
    • 2990 $
    • 890 $
    • 125 $
    • 750 $
Pay a deposit of $500 per item
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