A Primer on Hydrotherapy

What is hydrotherapy?
While it rings like it is the latest thing in the holistic health space, this practice dates back long ago to the times of ancient Rome. In recent years, there is a resurgence of hydrotherapy treatment in the psyche of people. Most especially those who are frequenting modern spas and other similar health-promoting facilities. It is being revived nowadays for pain-alleviation, mind and body rejuvenation, and for calming of the soul.

Hydrotherapy is a marriage of two words. It came from the Greek term hydr (which means water) and therapy (treatment to heal a disorder). By its etymology, we can surmise that it is a form of relief from a disorder or illness, with the help of water as the primary healing element.

In layman’s term, hydrotherapy simply means the utilization of water therapeutically and may involve the use of both cold and warm water. When you speak of hydrotherapy, you are referring to the practice of soaking or immersing the human body usually in a tub or pool of soothingly warm and comforting water. Such practice is commonly used in today’s modern health clubs and spa centers.

Although it looks the same as swimming, their distinction lies in the need of the individual to perform various exercise workouts while in the pool of warm water, which is approximately 33–36ºC. This range of temperature is much warmer when compared to that of a normal swimming pool which is 26°C and 28°C.

Hydrotherapy is conducted and offered as an alternative form of treatment for some ailing patients in the physiotherapy department of many hospitals nowadays. You will perform several recommended workout routines while soaked in the water, under the guidance and instruction of a licensed physiotherapist. And they may only get their full accreditation and license after going through a series of rigid specialist training courses.


Enjoying Hydrotherapy

in Health and Spa Centers

The practice of modern hydrotherapy is taking place now in medical centers, hospitals, natural hot spring spas, pools, and many more. But if you are aiming to optimize the benefits of hydrotherapy for health purposes, the best way to do so is by having your very own hot tub or outdoor water spa.

The technology employed in this modern outdoor water entertainment feature will allow you, besides being your sanctuary of relaxation, to enjoy customized, highly targeted massage treatments. It is good to know that you can have one of your own, right in the comfort and privacy of your backyard.

When trying to look for an outdoor water spa facility, specifically intending it for hydrotherapy treatment, make sure that you search for spa models that offer highly customizable water massaging jet systems. Look for bioengineered outdoor spas that will target specific muscle groups of your body according to your specific needs and preferences.

Look for spa models that offer modular jetted spa seats. So much better when you come across something that gives you the liberty to make adjustments to the massage intensity, so they become suitable for your specific hydromassage requirements.


The 8 Benefits of Hydrotherapy

to your body

1. Deep Cleaning of Pores

By immersing your body in a pool of relaxing warm water, you are inviting its health-promoting benefits to happen to your body.

Your body’s natural reaction to a pool of warm water is to increase its own temperature by acquiring the heat, hence you perspire from it. The pores in your skin open up, causing your blood to be diverted and your blood vessels dilated, hence giving you flushed, rosy-faced countenance.

By virtue of your skin sweating out profusely, it will encourage your body to discharge its toxic wastes via the open pores. So, it works by deep-cleaning from within also. Another important aspect of hydrotherapy is water massage treatment, which involves the use of water jets. Strong streams of water are directed onto specific points and parts of your body. This form of massage treatment promotes blood circulation and facilitates greater efficiency in delivering nutrients and oxygen to the soft tissues.

2. Boost your Immune Systems

Water massage also activates the lymphatic system. With this happening, you will have a generous boost to your body’s immune system. When it comes to the cellulite-prone areas, hydrotherapy will help in breaking down the fatty deposits in those regions and minimize their flabby appearance.

3. Increase Endorphines

When done right, hydrotherapy can also induce release of endorphins to your bloodstream. This is a natural hormone of the human body and is responsible for our high sense of well-being. Endorphins also mitigate the sensation of pain, therefore it is helpful in relieving body aches, swelling and elevates your body’s immune system, too. Hydrotherapy is also good for your mental health because it alleviates your stress level. Hence, regular soaking in its warm water will be a soothing, relaxing experience you can have every day.

4. Double your Strength

The moment that our body is exposed to hot or cold stimuli, its natural tendency is to readjust itself. To readjust means to conform itself to the external stimuli, and alongside that is your improved well-being. Over time, your body tends to become even stronger.

5. Counter Depression

If you are not aware yet, hydrotherapy is also prescribed for treating symptoms of depression because it can significantly help in banishing blues away. Exposure to cold water will trigger our body to return to its natural state of balance, and this is made possible by activating your sympathetic nervous system. When this happens, blood flow going to your brain is improved.

6. Relieve Inflammations

At the same time, hydrotherapy treatment will also increase the beta-endorphin concentration of your blood. It will help your body relieve inflammations, which is, most of the time, associated with depression.

Physical exercise, as per the advice of the medical community, is also known to bring about similar effects described above. Therefore, when you perform some recommended exercise routines in the warm water of a swim spa, the health-promoting benefits they bring along are further intensified and doubled up even.

8. Improved Well-being

And lastly, hydrotherapy will help us deal with various kinds of psychological and physical issues that could be hampering our way to having a good, restful sleep, without us being aware of it.

Anxiety, blood pressure imbalance, headaches, different kinds of physical pains, digestive issues, and many more can keep us from experiencing quality sleep. These issues and so much more can be addressed by water or hydrotherapy.

Paramount to the success of this treatment program is the temperature and the pressure of the jet water. Hence, knowing how to make the right and proper settings will go a long way in terms of optimizing its health-promoting benefits.

When it comes to improving your overall physical and mental well-being, there is nothing that can beat or even come close to what outdoor swim spa hydrotherapy can deliver.

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