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Splashes Product v3 (Single)

LA Paradise 12 year old trade in

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3.38m x 2.34m x 102
Choosing the right and proper swim spa is of paramount importance if you want to relax your body and renew your mind and spirit, any time of the day and any day of the week. An outdoor swim spa is most recommended for personal and family use.
The Splashes LA Paradise 12 year old trade in Quality

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Hydrotherapy With LA Paradise 12 year old trade in
Splashes Product v3 (Single)
The luxury spa offers a hydrotherapy rating of 8 as the spa creates the perfect combination of heat, buoyancy and massage to help rejuvenate your body from everyday aches and pains. It is able to do so because of its specific design, the layout of each of the spas jets located within the spa. The jets are carefully placed throughout seating arrangement specifically to tackle the major muscle groups of the body, massaging each muscle with the perfect amount of pressure to increase blood flow throughout the body. The massaging of each jet and the immersion of the body within the perfect temperature of hot water is a proven natural remedy of natural healing.
The Benefits of Hydrotherapy with the LA Paradise 12 year old trade in
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