Hi Michele,

I just wanted to write to provide feedback about the experience that we have had in purchasing our spa from Splashes.

Jo and I had been considering an in ground pool for a while and had spoken about the option of a spa, but we never really looked into it properly. We have two girls who are grown up and at uni and a 12 year old son, so we wanted to create a destination that suited each of them and also us. Beyond that we were just not sure what we wanted.

Then at the end of January we went to Flower Power at Glenhaven to buy a plant, and while we were there we thought we would check out the great spa display. There were a lot of choices, but when we saw the Oasis Islander, we could see that this could be a good option for our family.

You then provided us with information on that model and one other – just enough to compare the biggest spa and the entry level swim spa. Your relaxed and confident nature made us feel that the decision was really quite simple. We had found what we were looking for, even though we had not really planned on looking for a spa that day.

After that we did our research online and asked lots of questions. You were more than willing to answer these and to give little pieces of advice that really helped to work out how, where and when to install the spa. We were so comfortable that we not only had found the right spa design for us, but also the right company, that we did not even go into another spa business. Two weeks later we had paid our deposit and were starting to set up the site for our new spa.

In the lead up to the installation, communication from everyone we dealt with at Splashes was great and really helpful. On the day the spa arrived, Mick was right on time and together with his assistant they got the spa set perfectly on the slab with a minimum of fuss and perfectly aligned. It was very exciting for us and Mick seemed to appreciate what a great difference that spa would make to our home, and no doubt the same for every delivery he makes. Our electrician then hooked the spa up for us and his comments were that the Oasis Islander was very well constructed and laid out, especially in comparison to other brands that he has installed.

Later that day you made a special effort to come over to do the spa handover at a time when both Jo and I could be there together. That made such a difference to us and we really appreciate the fact that you altered your day to give us the best introduction to our new spa. You made the whole thing both fun and very practical in the way you explained how everything worked. You even put me on the spot to test if I was really listening. It was just before Easter and we felt ready to enjoy our spa and that we could look after it without any trouble.

We have now had the spa for around 2 months and we love it! The Oasis Islander is a great layout and is really comfortable to be in without feeling crowded. Our friends and family all think it is a great addition to our home and lifestyle, and it looks great as a centrepiece in the backyard – even before we build the deck that we are planning. We use the spa regularly, even now as winter has started. Jo and I just love to sit and chat in the spa under the stars and the kids and their friends all really enjoy the spa too.

The whole team at Splashes including Steve, Mick and you have all been very helpful and great with after sales service and advice. Thank you all. We would certainly recommend Splashes to anyone considering a spa and we would also highly recommend the Islander as that perfect oasis to escape to in your own backyard.