OASIS SPAS - Splashes Product v3 (Single)
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6 Seater
Spa Australia - Splashes


2.18m X 2.18m X 920mm
Spa Australia - Splashes


Up to 62 Massage Jets
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Why choose a Pacific Spa?

The Pacific is a luxury & roomy 6 person spa that contains 38 powerful jets which are positioned so that each person enjoys the comfort, relaxation and therapy of the Pacifc. It also contains 4 large pumps which gives allows our jet pressure to stay strong all year round giving the Pacific a strong hydrotherapy rating. The spa also comes with LED lighting to provide your spa with over 12 colours including a party mode lighting setting when entertaining friends.

The Splashes Pacific Spa Quality

The Pacific is built with our Oasis tough bond shell which is weather resistant keeping your damage free providing with a warranty of 10 years. The Pacific also come standard with lockable hard covers and and a no gap cabinet to give your spa extra storage space.