At Splashes we can provide you with all the help you need to select the right spot for your new spa or swim spa. With nearly 25 years in the industry, be assured we have installed spas into some of NSW’s most difficult sites, so we have the know-how & experience to make it all happen for you.

Selecting the right spot in your home for your new spa or swim spa will ensure worry-free ownership. Your Splashes consultant will help you determine the best location for your spa, and what is required to ensure the ideal delivery of the spa. Below are some guidelines to help you better understand the process.

Access requirements for our delivery and installation service

Sometimes a lack of planning prior to delivery can create problems when we position a spa in the chosen location. You must compare the dimensions of the spa (and the trolley) to any restrictive points along the delivery route used to bring the spa into your garden.

Sometimes a fence panel can be removed and the spa can be delivered via a neighbors’ garden (with their written permission). Alternatively, your local crane company will often be able to lift it into position. We will gladly recommend a trusted company or work with the crane company of your choice to do this, (unless specifically stated otherwise, the cost of a crane is not included in the delivery).


  • The spa is delivered on-end using a purpose-made trolley, adding 20cm to the height clearance.
  • You must add the width of your spa to the height of the trolley to work out the total height needed.
  • The spa will generally be around 95cm wide when on the trolley
  • The total length of the trolley (2.3metres) must be considered for tight corners – it will not bend!
  • If steps are involved please talk to one of our consultants.

The spa is moved on-end rather than flat, so you need to use the height dimension as the width and the width as the height.

Installation GuideYOU MUST CHECK FOR:

  • Lots of steps? Call Us
  • Corner Clearance
  • Overhead Branches
  • Protruding Buildings
  • Gates: Height & Width
  • Overhanging Gutters
  • Boxes, steps or vents

Remember to add 20cm to the height of the Spa when on-end to allow for the trolley’s height.

We supply 2 strong men: If any further lifting is required to go up/down steps or over obstacles, extra helpers must be provided by you to assist, or if that is not possible ask that extra handlers included in the quote.

Swim spas are big and heavy so extra precautions must be taken

Swim Spas have very specific installation requirements over a regular spa due to their size and weight.

A Swim Spa full of water will weigh 7 – 10 tonnes, around the same weight as the truck that is used to deliver it!

Foundation: 200mm thick Concrete, with reinforcing mesh, laid onto well compacted hardcore.

Positioning: This should be done with a crane. It is sometimes possible to use a Hyab or other machinery to position your swim spa, if you have plenty of access for large machinery. Please call us to discuss this option.

Installation Guide


Power Supply: This is normally 40 amp unless stated otherwise.

Site Access: The Swim Spa is delivered on a flat bed truck. Our representative, or your crane company will need to ensure that there is sufficient access for their vehicles as well as the delivery vehicle.

Access Panel: This is always at the same end of the swim spa as the seats. The whole end panel of the swim spa should be easily removable for servicing, and 900mm access must be provided on all sides. When decking around the swim spa after installation, care must be taken to ensure that supports do not obstruct access to the removable panels – see the Decking section.

Finding the best location for your spa or swim spa is important for your optimum enjoyment and safety.

Installation Guide

Safety first: Never position a spa near overhead cables or power lines. Make sure that if the spa is to be positioned near a slope, dip, trough or below ground level, there is adequate drainage for any ground water to run off. In this instance we recommend a land drain around the four sides of the hot tub. Damage caused by flooding is not covered under warranty.

If you are building a deck around the tub, sinking it slightly, or placing it against a wall, ensure easy access is provided to the service panel. This is almost always on the same side of the spa as touch pad. You must ensure that it is possible to drain the hot tub and move it to gain access to the other three sides if next to a wall or other object.

Installation Guide
If so, consider how the spa can be best rotated so the seating faces the view without obstructing the service panel.

Do you need quick and easy access? If so, placing the spa close to the house or changing room is ideal. Parents should think about where they can sit comfortably and watch the children while they are in the spa.

If privacy is important, think about where your spa could be located so that your neighbors can’t see you.

Proper planning will enhance the enjoyment of your spa experience and protect your privacy.

Using a crane to position your spa


This is by far the safest way of placing your new spa or swim spa in any hard-to-reach location. The cost of driving a crane to the site makes up the majority of the cost of hire, so we recommend that you choose a local crane hire firm with experience in lifting spas or swim spas. We will work closely with them to ensure all goes to plan and can always recommend an experienced Crane company.

While spas can often be lifted without spreader bars, this is at the discretion of the crane company, we insist that they are used for lifting swim spas. It is the sole responsibility of the crane company to ensure that the product is moved without damage, and it is your responsibility to ensure that they are suitably insured.

Installation Guide

We cannot be held responsible for any damage to persons or property while the products is in the air, or while the crane is operating.

If even a crane can’t get it in, there are still other options! Removing fence panels, constructing scaffolding towers, even helicopters have been used in the past, which proves Splashes really can help you put a spa anywhere.

Installation Guide

Decking around your spa or sinking it into the ground

Installation GuideDecking can create an attractive finish and by stepping down in to your spa or swim spa you benefit from added privacy and easier access. If you are planning to do this, we strongly advise that you read on.

Decking needs to be done properly or it can equate to welding your car’s bonnet shut!

Installation GuideAll spas and swim spas require access to the service panel. However when the spa cannot be freely moved because it has been decked around or sunk into the ground, it is vital that sufficient access is left so any repair or service work can take place.

We recommend you allow at least 600mm clearance around all four sides for spas and 900mm for swim spas. The spa below, has been installed in such a way that access can be gained on all four sides by sliding it out, if needed.

Installation Guide

If you are decking, we strongly advise that you do this after your spa or swim spa has been delivered. Swim Spas cannot often be moved without a crane, so it is important that they are spaced at least 900mm from any buildings, fences or retaining walls to ensure sufficient access to all panels.

When decking we advise that you place upright supports at regular intervals around the spa, set back 600 – 900mm, then cantilever the joists so that the deck is self-supporting around the spa or swim spa (as-per diagram below). This way technicians can access any service panels as required.

Installation Guide

Foundation requirements for Splashes Spas and Swim Spas

Recommended foundation or base

Your spa needs a solid, flat, level foundation. The space it sits on must be able to support the weight of the spa or swim spa, the water in it, and those who use it.

If the foundation is inadequate, it may shift or settle after the spa is in place, causing stress to the shell and cabinet, voiding the warranty.

The spa will weigh anything between 1200kg and 2500kg (that’s between 1.2 and 2.5 tonnes, the same weight as an average family car or 4×4). Swim Spas can weigh in at up to 10 tonnes.

Suggested Bases for Spas:

  • Concrete Pad (100mm / 4″ or thicker with reinforcing mesh)
  • Timber Decking (with concrete foundations)
  • Existing Paving (on concrete base)
  • EZpads – Alternative to concrete foundations

Suggested Bases for Swim Spas:

  • Concrete Pad (150mm thick with reinforcing mesh)
  • EZpads

Also consider the surrounding surfaces – Block paving is often laid with sand. This can be a problem if the sand is trodden into the spa as it can damage internal components. Decking is a good clean surface to use, but can become slippery when wet if a non-slip finish isn’t applied, and gravel can be uncomfortable on bare feet and also get into the spa.

By minimising dirt entering the hot tub on bathers’ feet, your water will look better and last longer.

The electrical supply requirements for your Spa or Swim Spa

Electrical Supply

Installation Guide

All swim spas require a separate circuit up to 45 amps single phase. (3 phase options available on request).
Most swim spas require a 32amp circuit. Please ask your sales representative regarding requirements.
When we arrive to site, we position the spa to your requirement.
Your electrician must pull the “tail” of cable through an entry point into the spas cabinet and make the final connection inside ‐ we advise that you refer them to this guide.

If for any reason whatsoever, the electrical supply is incomplete on our arrival for handover; we will be unable to fulfil the handover procedure, or demonstrate the operation of the hot tub to you. We cannot connect to or modify the electrical connection in any way, so you must ensure your electrician completes the work before we arrive.

All new circuits should have an approved RCD (Earth Leakage Breaker) fitted by a qualified Electrician.