Extra Pump Details

Extra Pump Upgrade

By adding another Jet pump you benefit from the maximum therapy experience by adding jets around the body and under the legs.

Standard Inclusions

Dual Filtering System
By using 2 pumps to filter with a no by-pass system. Ensuring your spa water stays clean

Standard Control System
The standard control system with all the functionality and timers to keep your spa hot at all times

Jet Pumps standard
High performance jet pumps that deliver maximum flow through your jets

Silent Water Management Pump
Energy efficient silent running pumps that maintain and heat your spa in the most economical way

Adding Aromatherapy to your spa for soothing sensations

Thermowood Low maintenance cabinets
Low maintenance thermowood cabinet. No staining or sanding

Tough Built Frames
All our structural frames come with a 10 year warranty for peace of mind

Oasis ‘No Gap’ cabinet
A lot of heat can escape around top of the spa increasing your running costs. All our cabinets are custom built with no gaps

Oasis Tough bond shell
Our shells are one of the toughest on the market with 6 layers of strength and insulation. Up to 15 structural warranty

Oasis Easy Care Bearingless Jets
Up market stainless jets with no ball bearings, self cleaning and screw out fittings for ease of use. Full 5 year replacement warranty

Lockable Hard cover
Heavy duty lockable cover to Australian standards come with on all our spas

Sealed ABS plastic base Vermin proof and insulated
Vermin proof and insulated ABS floor on all our standard spas

Standard Upgrade

LED Water level lighting
Enhance your spa experience with soothing LED lighting package with 12 colour choices and party modes

Ozone Water management
Help with the ongoing maintenance of your spa by adding an Ozone water management system. A proven system to remove impurities.

Chemical Kit
Your spa will be easier to use with the correct chemicals including our renowned natural Ezyme “Spa Magic” direct from the states

Platinum Upgrade

Backlit Waterfallls
Soothing sound of FX waterfalls colour matched to your LED lighting Package

Extra Leds lighting package 30 colours
Extra LED lights added around the spa perimeter and under control dials with up to 30 colours.

Upgraded control system
Upgrade to the latest control system with variable heater and wi fi compatibility.

Fibreglass base. Vermin proof Structural and insulated
Add structural integrity to your spa with a solid fibreglass wrap around base

Cover Pro Heavy Duty
The cover Pro is a re-enforced cover that can be walked on and helps prevent the cover taking in water as it gets older

Extra insulation
Our platinum insulation package with save money in the long term. The extra insulation can save up to 28% on running costs over most spas.

Oasis Platinum Premium bearing less jets

Get the latest look with bearing less smooth faced jets that add that modern feel to your spa