It’s all about jet placement
To create the perfect massage, dozens of pulse, swirl, deep tissue and air massage jets have been precisely positioned to target muscles in your back, neck, shoulder, legs and feet, creating a truly wonderful hydro-massage experience. Each seat features a different jet layout to offer multiple massage effects as you move around your spa.


Create your own perfect massage
Choose your seat. If you want, you can swap the different jet types around the spa to create the right massage effect. Then adjust the strength of individual jets and use the massage controller to make the whole seat softer or stronger. Once you’ve created the perfect massage to suit your mood or your needs, just relax and enjoy.

“Aqua-ssage” jets simply feel better
Most other brands of jets have small and/or straight water outlets. The jet stream can dig into your back which is uncomfortable and annoying. Our broad stream aqua-ssage jets distribute the water flow more evenly providing the optimum hydro-massage experience.


Relax in crystal clear, chlorine free water
Our advanced water management system makes it easy to keep your spa water clean and crystal clear. Splashes can also offer you a choice of natural, chlorine free spa sanitation systems that replace harsh chemicals and corrosive salts. These products are fantastic to bathe in and are perfect for people who hate smelly spa water or suffer from skin or eye irritations.

Superior comfort and relaxation
Entertainer spas are designed to create the ultimate spa experience by ensuring your total comfort and relaxation. When you sit in a spa full of water you’ll soon realise that “lay back” recliners and curved-backed seats make you float and that most spa seats are not comfortable. The shaping of our recliners and seats help keep you in place – making sure the jets hit the right spots and allowing you to relax and enjoy your spa. Our seating designs are barrier free, allowing you to move easily between the seats.


Set and forget
Our “set and forget” multi function control system automatically makes sure your water is always clean and ready to use. The “Lockout” mode stops your kids and heighbours using the spa when you don’t want them to and “sleep” mode makes sure your spa goes to sleep when you do.


Relax with our “Easy Care” cabinets
Timber cabinets require regular staining and oiling. Who’s got the time and patience for that! Our cabinet cladding is made from a UV treated synthetic material specifically designed for harsh Australian conditions. A quick “hose down” from time to time and you’re done.

Our jets even clean themselves
Spinning jets are awesome, but to keep them spinning, most brands of jets have to be removed and cleaned regularly to clear the bearings of grit, chemical residue and body oils. The trouble is that removing most jets can become impossible as they often become “stuck” into place.

Our premium Aqua-ssage jets are self cleaning and they always spin freely on a floating stainless steel spindle. If you ever want to remove them, they simply screw out. They always work and no maintenance is ever required.


Optional “micro filters” for clearer water
For less maintenance and better water clarity, you can use a disposable 1 micron “silver ion” micro filter for your filtration pump. These cartridges are up to 50 times more effective at removing fine particles. They don’t need to be cleaned and soaked (just surface sprayed) and with anti-bacterial properties, these filter cartridges reduce chemical use. They do, however, need to be replaced every month or so.

Our Entertainer range of spas has many of the inclusions of a much more expensive spa including power saver technology to save you real money.

High density foam on the shell stops heat loss from the spa water
Every spa has a layer of high density “closed cell” (waterproof) foam sprayed onto the inside of the spa shell to stop heat loss from the water


Thermo Wood cabinet cladding is a great insulator
Our high density synthetic wood cabinet has a high level of insulation to stop heat escaping through the walls of your spa cabinet

High Density Lockable Cover stops heat loss from above
Your high density lockable spa cover stops heat loss from the water by trapping heat under the cover and making sure it does not escape


The sealed ABS base minimises heat loss through the spa base
The sealed ABS base stops cool air entering the spa through gaps underneath the spa

“No Gap” cabinet stops hot air leaving the cabinet
Hot air rises naturally. If your spa has large gaps between the cabinet and the spa shell, the heat inside the cabinet escapes and cold air enters your spa, causing the heater to turn on more often to maintain heat. Pests and insects can also enter and damage your spa. We tailor make every cabinet so there are minimal gaps, trapping the heat in. Without this feature you are simply throwing money away.



Our Entertainer range of spas may be our budget range but they include many of premium components and build features of our hi-end spas. This means that while you save you have a world class spa that is built to last and easy to maintain.

The thickest, strongest shells on the market
Our 6 layer laminated “tough bond” shells are one of the thickest shells available (8-10mm thick) and our oven curing process ensures your shell is as strong as possible. If you shop around, be sure to check the thickness of the spa shell.

Super tough construction throughout
Our “tough built” treated timber frames have triple reinforced corners, cross-bracing and supports under every seat. The entire frame is then protected by chemical treatment, paint and a wrap-around base.

Our Whitehaven spa and all Swim Spas have a galvanised steel frame for extra strength.


Our insulated fibreglass wrap-around base adds strength and stops pests and moisture
Every Entertainer Spa has a sealed wrap-around base to stop weather, pests and cold air getting inside the cabinet and damaging your spa. This range includes a solid fibreglass base that adds extra strength and insulation to your spa.

Our “no flex” construction stops stress on the shell
For maximum strength and long shell life, we’ve designed a 3 stage “no flex” construction to lock the shell, frame and fibreglass base together and form one super strong cross-braced structure. Then we added seat supports for even more strength. Nothing can flex so there’s never any stress on the shell.

Premium bearingless jets that are built to last a lifetime
Most brands of jets are made from a type of soft plastic that breaks down in time due to damage from spa chemicals. This causes the clips that hold these cheaper jets in place to become brittle and break. And the bearings that make them spin often fall apart after a few years.

Our “aqua-ssage” jets are made from hard PVC (with stainless steel trims) which won’t deteriorate. They have a screw-in mechanism (no clips to break) and they spin on a floating stainless steel spindle (so there are no bearings to fall out).


Our heaters won’t rust or calcify
Oasis spa heaters use 316 stainless steel housings and teflon coated Incalloy elements for the ultimate protection against calcium build-up and corrosion by water and chemicals, ensuring long life and maximum performance.

Better quality fittings and headrests
RD technologies provide high quality components that are used in premium spas worldwide. Every component is designed for maximum performance, functionality and durability to ensure they stand the test of time.


Superior components for longer life
Only the best components and materials are used to build an Oasis Spa – including pumps and control systems from Spa Net Australia, German Silicones and American acrylic.

Super reliable pumps
Our massage pumps are built to last and our filtration pumps use a smaller, specially designed impellor to reduce stress on the motor,cutting power consumption and significantly increasing pump life.


Food grade jet hoses for your safety
Most spas do not use “food grade” hose for their jet plumbing. This is dangerous as the chemicals in this cheaper type of hose will seep into the water, which you then absorb through your skin. Our clear “food grade” hose is specifically designed for use in chemically treated hot water and won’t kink or deteriorate. Most importantly you won’t be soaking in potentially dangerous chemicals.